Aarti, Puja and Donation    

Shree Bhima Kali Ji Temple, Sarahan Bushahr

Aarti Timings and offerings: In a day four aartis  are done at regular intervals at the shrine.Flowers, Dhoop, Incense, Rice, Camphor, Clove, Cardamom, Kumkum, vermillion etc are are used in pooja. The first aarti takes at dawn around 6.00 a.m. in summers and 7.30 a.m. in winters.
The second aarti is performed after two hours of the first.
The third aarti is at noon and the offerings are the local food to the mother goddess.
The fourth aarti is shyana arti, after offerings are made to the mother goddess salokas from the religious texts are recited.

How to order Pooja: A special pooja can be ordered from a distance by requesting the S.D.M. or Temple officer Rampur Distt., Shimla, H.P. or Manager Temple trust Sarahan, Bushahr Distt.Shimla whose sits in the Temple complex .Pooja will be performed as per order and prasad of Mata will be sent to the concerned devotee.

How to get Published Materials and offer Donations: On the occasion of New Year publishing of New Year's Calender is a regular feature of the trust.Besides this the trust has published a monograph & compendium sketch of the temple covering all its aspects.In Hindi and English Folders, New Year's greetings cards are also available for sale.Bangali & Hindi translations of the folder is also available.This material can be obtained by post or this can be purchased at the cash counter of the temple trust at Sarahan.
Donations can be sent by devotees in the name of the temple trust to the followings address.
Vice Chairman Shri Bhima Kali Ji temple Trust Rampur, Bushahr, Distt. Shimla, H.P. Pincode- 172001




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